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Past jobs here too, provided that I have permission to show them.

Linear Tubular Motors

Research on the efficiency and positioning abilities of these types of linear motors for the Extended Essay in Physics.


Cutting polygons in realtime!

Procedural roadmap generation & SAE AutoDrive 2018 Competition Shirt

As part of victory spoils, UofT's success in 2017 came with control over the competition shirt. I volunteered and inherited the responsibility, then promptly hot-potato'd it onto my computer to make most of the visually-interesting material. This emphasis on form was spurred by constraints on the color palette when only two tones are possible on top of the shirt's base color. In a similar vein but somewhat more timid on my processor than the goliath that is actual localization and mapping on Zeus, I built a simple tile-based procedural roadmap generator for an ornamental border, which I relate to ornamental vines on medieval texts. And OpenTTD.


Cheesy? Maybe. Probably. Very. But the iconic trope of waving a sharp around an enemy and... for a split second, nothing happening! Then, the various segmented parts of the body start sliding along perfect planes onto the floor... it's timeless. Reality has a sad shortage of frictionless atom-thick blades, but hey I choose to install the physics engine if I want to!

I did. This one. But I left out all the limiting parts nobody needs in a satisfying slicing demo, so you can demolish your favorite shape to your heart's content.

BlueDot EDIT Exhibit

BlueDot Inc. is a company that analyzes the propagation of disease worldwide. With that description, it was a pleasant shock to be a part of an in-house Design Team in the summer of 2017. Getting to know BlueDot's products, with lots of data backing software and print products that needed to read crystal-clear, there was actually an unending barrage of challenging design work. I got to participate in a particularly exciting one when an opportunity to participate in the EDIT festival came up in the middle of the summer and we seized it. The festival pitted design and futurism against the 17 Millenium Goals, with showcases ranging from aquaculture to threats from globalization (us!) packed into the abandoned Unilever soap factory on the east end of Toronto. We chose to highlight the new "proximity" of the global neighbourhood with the proliferation of shorter and more frequent flights crossing the globe, and the fact that humans are not the only passengers on flights. SARS was an infamous example that locked the global flight network and still saw the cross-continental spread of the disease, consequently spurring the founding the lab that would become BlueDot.

We were given a corner of the third floor propped between a floor manager's office box and a huge sliding doorway with about 10 feet in the middle.


People love rainbows. The problem is that forecasters lack the... well, foresight, to give the people the lucious rainbow details they want. The idea to fill this gaping hole in supply came from Akira Kakkar at MHacks 6, and I'm lucky to call him, Jenny Zhang and Philip Tsang my co-developers on the project for those critical first 36 hours. I personally released an alpha a year later because this project's momentum isn't allowed to stop. For the sake of all that is round and colorful.

Detecting rainbows is feasible from just satellite and radar data, and boils down a geometry problem on these two datasets. From a quick detour into the mechanics of rainbows the problem statement will essentially just pop out.


Monstercat, an electronic label out of Vancouver, is near and dear to me since I grew into electronic music as Monstercat grew. If no part of its identity is spotless, at least the visualizer is and remains iconic without debate, even if not without its own slew of complaints. 63 bars, an equally stark Gotham presentation of artist and title, and across the boundary of its 5-year birthday in 2016, an ebb of particles, replaced later by animated album artwork, I respect its simplicity for showcasing the track.


Antigone: the great Greek classic. A story of betrayal, mefiance and dirty family politics. The school's modernized production of it deserved advertising to match its gritty story.


Shad Valley 2013: Improving the efficiency of human-powered transportation by making the backpack quick-access. Print advertisement and website designs.

City of Toronto Open Data -- Intake Tool

As an intern with the City, in the unique and ever-interesting proxying role of the Open Data dept., I helped develop an internal tool to manage public interactions.

Convergence – Layout and Editing

Convergence: oldest and largest newspaper of Upper Canada College. As the layout editor and a co-editor to the publication, I modernized the design, diversifying the visual content and expanding the freedom of writers.

Digital Media and Computer Science Club

Co-founder and head of DM&CS Club (as it is affectionately abbreviated). Taught web design and computer science to younger years, fostered community of competitive coders and UI aficiandos alike.